Security Operatives Search Ekweremadu’s House In Abuja

A search was conducted on the official guest house of Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu on Friday. The guest house is located in the highbrow Maitama District, Abuja.

Ekweremadu’s Special Adviser, Mr. Uche Anichukwu who confirmed the search on the house, said police did not inform the senator or any of his aides before the search was conducted.

Anichukwu further said that only the senator’s steward was present when the police team arrived at the property, adding that nothing incriminating was found in the premises.

According to him, the policemen were said to have told the steward that they were detailed by the Force Headquarters to carry out the search.

PDP caucus in the Senate had, few weeks ago, claimed that security report at its disposal indicated that security agencies were planning to invade Ekweremadu’s residence.

According to the spokesman of the caucus, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe who addressed journalists on the matter, the raid was to be carried out by the EFCC.

He claimed that the plot was to plant incriminating items; either cash or guns in Ekweremadu’s residence in Enugu or Abuja and then arrest him for money laundry or gun running.

The EFCC dismissed the claim as laughable.


  1. Let the security do their job

  2. Continue with your good job.

  3. our security agencies are bigger than that..if he is clean of any crime they will prove it

  4. What's all this rubbish for,

  5. All these igbo witch hunt should stop. Police should be carefully. Enough is enough


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