Serve The Lord While You Still Have Time

In case you are still asking or wondering, 'why are we even in this world'? You were sent here to live and die, then to be judged by how you live, which will determine where you spend eternity.

Go & sin no more. Give your life to Christ, accept the Lord into your life and serve God sincerely.


  1. It pays to serve God

  2. Yes o lets serve him while we are still alive

  3. Grace Boniface28 May, 2017 14:19

    Nice post sir....

  4. Oladimeji S.28 May, 2017 15:02

    You are right.the death cannot serve God its only when you are alive that you can serve God.so do all what your power can do to serve the almighty God. Eccl.cpt 9:5-10.

  5. Mankind are created to serve their Creator any body who by any means serve anything apart from Him. Will be among the looser.

  6. A life lived without God is in crisis and confusion. When one seek after money, position and power without seeking first the kingdom of God, such a life will regret at last.


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