Seun Egbegbe abandoned by friends, hits 100 days in prison

Even the married lady who left her husband to be sleeping with him in his house and sharing their pics on social media, she thought she was rubbishing her husband then, cried on TV recently, that she regretted her affair with Seun Egbegbe.

I didn't post that crying video because you can't mess around, people advised you, you ignored and now you come out after the end result to cry. We don't promote such here...

Movie marketer and alleged fraudster, Seun Egbegbe has spent 100 days in Ikoyi prisons. Reports have it that he continues to wane in the cell where he has taken residence. Family and friends of Egbegbe have not been able to secure his bail.

According to a close source, friends and benefactors have abandoned him, leaving him to bear his cross alone. 

“Now, the frequency of people visiting him in the prison has reduced drastically. All his friends and followers have deserted him.

"They are afraid of being implicated. It is only his pregnant girlfriend, Nikky Berry and his parents that visit him now.

"They still prepare his food from home. Most of his girlfriends and those he supports financially have deserted him. Nikky is the only girl left with him now,” the source said.

Also, no one wants to stand as surety for Egbegbe due to the strict nature of the bail conditions.

According to the source:”Things are not as expected at all. He earlier thought it was a child’s play. It’s now he understands better the kind of situation he is in."