This Beautiful Lady Wants To Remain A Virgin Till Marriage

Adrienna Wembi is 26 and she told Sun Online that she'll sleep with only one man; her husband.

Her words: “I’m only going to have s*xual inter-course with one guy, the guy I will marry. I made that decision when I was 18 and I have kept to it.”

“I was in a relationship in high school and because I wasn’t willing to go past a certain point, we broke up – I wasn’t willing to go to the next step to s*xual inter-course.

“But if I was to lose my virginity when I was 14, how many guys would I have slept with?

“When you find the right person that is your soulmate, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, you’ll end up having s*x with everyone and I don’t think that’s right.”


  1. Though decision right there. Keep it up Sis.

  2. good decision my dear..i pray God to give you the grace to keep to your promise and achieve your dream.

  3. Keep it up is your pride ,wish you goodluck

  4. Just make sure "it" doesn't gather cobwebs by the time you find him (wink wink)

  5. Oladimeji S.13 May, 2017 13:10

    For keeping to this, God will provide loving husband for you.good girl.

  6. okay,i hope you are still one sha

  7. Good decision...

    God is your strenght...

  8. My God will see u through.


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