This Man Used Fake Bank Alert to Buy Goods Worth N4.5m In Lagos State

Luck has ran out on a notorious robber who specializes in buying goods with fake bank alerts. The 33-year-old man, Babatunde Olaogun, has been arrested by the police after he allegedly sent fake bank alert to a customer after buying 25 laptops worth N4.5 million.

After buying the laptops, Olaogun promised to pay within two weeks but refused to pay.

He, however, sent fake bank alert, otherwise called magic alert, to the seller. 

Police said the suspect was arrested and arraigned sometime last year when he allegedly used the office of Lagos State governor to defraud a car dealer.

Olaogun, who was paraded yesterday at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja, owned up to the crime. He said: “When I bought the laptops, I resold them to someone else but the person did not pay me on time.

“When I could not pay on time, I pleaded with the person who supplied me the goods to give me more time. But when the pressure became unbearable for me, I decided to send the fake bank alert to him so as to have peace.

“I copied bank alert already sent to me by my customers and sent to the supplier. I edited the alert on my phone to N2.5 million and sent it to the person who supplied me.

"I also promised that I would pay the balance later.

“Thereafter, I went to his shop to show him the alert which I sent to him so as to give him the assurance that the money was actually sent to him. When I sent the alert to him, I did not entertain any fear.”

Lagos Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni who paraded the man  at the command headquarters, Ikeja said he would go into shops and buy good worth millions and instead of him to pay, he would send fake bank alert to the person that supplied him the goods on credit.

Owoseni, however said, before the suspect was arrested he had gone to a computer shop where he bought 25 laptops and then send fake bank alert to the person who sold the goods to him.

“When the person now went to bank to collect the money, it was there the person would discovered that what they send to him or her is fake bank alert.

"He also generate fake bank Statement to deceived suppliers five million naira and a Toyota Corolla was recovered from him.”

The police boos said, the suspect would be charge to court after completion of the investigations.