Please this is passionate appeal for everyone to help a people in need, nothing is too small, nothing is too big. Whatever you can afford, may your heart lead you to give. Amen!

The people of ALUBELEKE in Umuezoka, Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State have a long history of suffering when it comes to this bridge! In fact, it appears they are not part of any state in Nigeria considering how their basic needs are abandoned especially this bridge which is not only expedient but basic to their survival.

The government do not care about them. They are only remembered during election campaigns.

The plights of these people pricked the heart of IMPART-CARE FOUNDATION and consequently, it has decided to construct the bridge and change the history of the community and people forever. Construction of this bridge will reactivate and rejuvenate the people in all facets of life.

The Foundation therefore, calls on the government, good spirited Nigerians and the public at large to join the foundation in pulling resources together with a view to achieving this goal.

You can reach the coordinator of IMPART-CARE FOUNDATION through this number:
Mr. Okezie Emmanuel - 08064538591

Please whatever you can give to help build the bridge, call Mr. Okezie Emmanuel - 08064538591


  1. This is pathetic, shame on you, governor of Ebony state, people from other State will do your work for you

  2. All is well..
    Politicians are not trying at all...

  3. May God bless this Mr Emmanuel as he selflessly see about this construction and may HE touch the heart of the government to assist immensely in the fruition to the project...

  4. Government should see to it..

  5. Oladimeji S.09 May, 2017 19:10

    Shame on the governor of ebonyi state, the money they waste on irrelivant things is enough to take care of the needed things like this bridge.

  6. Chai why are our leaders so wicked in this country like this?. The most painful part is people living here may even killed themselves during elections

  7. What exactly is the duty of their representatives in the Senate if they can't bring this urgent need to the lime light of the government. They are there for the benefit of people and not just to loot our money.


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