Woman seeks divorce over husband's inability to kill Ram for naming ceremonies

A housewife, Rukayya Hamza, of Alkammawa area of Sokoto has dragged her husband, Ghazali Garba, before the state's lower sharia court, seeking to divorce him for not slaughtering rams to mark their children’s naming ceremonies.

Rukayya told the court, presided over by Faruk Ibrahim, that her husband only gave names to the children, Idris and Khadija, 3yrs and 5 months respectively, without slaughtering rams.

She also complained that Ghazali Garba was not feeding her, and most times, beat her, urging the court to dissolve their marriage.

The husband admitted not slaughtering rams during the naming, but denied other allegations his wife levelled against him.

He told the court that he neither starved her wife of food nor maltreated her.

Garba said, “I did not slaughter rams on the children’s naming because I was insolvent whenever she was delivered of the children. So, I gave names to the children like that.”

The judge urged the wife to present witnesses to testify against the husband as she claimed.

The case was adjourned to May 23, 2017.


  1. lols..see matter,the sharia court should find a way to settle the issue for them

  2. These days women will want to walk out on the marriage even at the smallest provocation, what's the world turning to?

  3. What kind of foolishness is this na

  4. The man should be sentenced to 8yrs imprisonment for his incapability. Hope am making sense?

  5. Ignorance is really a decease, please she should go and enroll at sokoto high school, so that her grey matter will function effectively .

  6. Lol # when the man can no longer feed you with suya he used do then. Baseless excuses surface


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