Wife Pours Acid Battery Into Her Mother-in-law's Food

The police at State Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Department, SCIID, Awka in Anambra State have started investigation over the allegation of a housewife, Mrs Chinasa Okoronkwo who attempted to kill her mother-in-law by poisoning her food with acid battery.

The investigation followed a petition written to the Commissioner of Police by Okonkwo’s family through their lawyer, Barrister Solomon Uzoigwe.

The incident happened at Umudim village in Umuchu town, Aguata Local government, according to Police sources at SCIID in Awka, which led to arrest of Chinasa.

It was gathered that Chinasa’s husband, Paullinus married her some years ago and they had six children despite the fact that her husband had mental challenge.

The petition, PM Express reports, stated that Chinasa tortured the old woman to die to no avail.

She allegedly injected the battery acid in the beans which she presented to her mother in-law which she ate. She became sick and was taken to a hospital where she eventually became paralyzed.

According to the petition, Chinasa accused her of not dying after her age-mates have died which was a burden to her as she's taking care of the woman because of her old age.

However. Chinasa denied the allegation despite the fact that, three of the larger Okoronkwo family members namely Dominic Enemuo, Victor Enemuo and Linus Okoronkwo confirmed she did so in the petition.

However, the embattled Chinasa denied the allegation and told the police that it was a gang-up to throw her away from her matrimonial home.

She said she was the one taken care of the aged woman and her husband’s relations are in abroad and she had not complained to anybody that it was a burden to her.

The incident has become an issue in the community, some say the allegation might be true, others think it could be a way to send her out because her husband was not normal to protect her.

Police sources say Chinasa will be prosecuted if found culpable for the alleged offence.


  1. Oladimeji S.23 May, 2017 09:18

    Full investigation should be placed on the matter to know the level of her involvement.we cant give jurgement like that cos she may not have hand in the issue.

  2. if she did it then she is cursed but i advice they should look further into the case to acertain the true nature of things so an innocent woman isnt sent to jail

  3. Haba woman this is wickedness

  4. Who are we to believe now

  5. It might be allegation over to you police

  6. How did her husband become mentally ill?

  7. Wickedness..

  8. How can they investigate this issue...

    How did they found out about the acid...

    Did the hospital not state the cause of the woman going paralytic...


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