Wife Seeks Dissolution Of 14-year Marriage Over Beating, Excessive S*x

Two can't work together...unless they are in agreement.

A manrried lady, Foluke Ojo has approached a Magistrate Court sitting in Akure, the Ondo State capital, seeking dissolution of her marriage to Busuyi Ojo, saying she was tired of the union over alleged too much s*x from her husband.

The couple who had been married for 14 years, both agreed to the dissolution.

Folake alleged that her husband was no more taking care of the family. She declared that she was no more in love with her husband, asking the court to grant her prayer.

She alleged that Busuyi wanted to have s*x with her all the time; and that anytime she refused to have s*x with him, she would be beaten blue black by her husband.

She further alleged that after beating her, Busuyi would still go ahead and have s*x with her.

In response, Busuyi denied the allegations by his wife; saying that Folake always disobeyed him and that she did not always behave like a responsible wife.

“She dressed like a prostitute, she can wear any cloth she likes, forgetting she's a wife,” he said.

Expressing no more interest in the marriage, the husband urged the court to grant his wife's request and terminate the 14-year union.

After listening to them, president of the Court, Ayodele Omotola, said there was an indication that the relationship had broken down, but he urged the parties to allow peace to reign.

He asked the husband to provide a sum of N5,000 for the food allowances of their children and then adjourned the case till May 10, 2017, for judgment.


  1. Since Busayo and Folake no longer floe like lovers, & companions, it's better the court resolve the marriage for good. I don't see any pleasure in rapping the wife b4 he can make love with wife.

  2. really broken down..if they can settle then indeed it will be a miracle of which i hope they can.

  3. Hate hearing these kind of stories

  4. Lolz some are leaving because of too much of sex while some are leaving because of lack of sex

  5. Oladimeji S.10 May, 2017 09:47

    The parent of both couples can wade in and settle the rift between them.dissolution is not the final.

  6. Why not obtain proper councilling , why should divorce be your final answer? You will regret if you do so, Better go back.


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