Wife stabs husband to death with scissors after an argument

Many are living a dysfunctional life and don't even try to seek prayers to help themselves and their destiny. If you see things going wrong in your family, try seek help before it's too late.

A married man has died after his once loving wife reportedly stabbed him with scissors following an argument in their residence in Aba area of Abia State.

According to reports, the deceased identified as Chidex Lily, from Mbaise, was brutally stabbed after he had an argument with his wife, which later degenerated into a fight.

The man, said to be a meat seller at Eziukwu market later died as a result of the stab.

The sad incident happened at their residence at Number 4 Aguatta Street Off Omuma Road, Aba.


  1. relationship and marriages are in serious problem this days..whats happening

  2. What is it with stabbing here and there? is this the new cool? God help us all

  3. Rip. Another marriage palaver

  4. Rip. Another marriage palaver

  5. I just wonder why some people get uncontrollably angry as to the extent of killing somebody.

  6. Serz gbege..

  7. Why cant people control their temper


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