Woman Pours Boiling Water On 11-Year-Old Girl

The level of violence some women visit on children and anyone below them is getting worrisome.

11-year-old primary 6 pupil, Chika is nursing serious injuries to her body as a result of hot water that was thrown on her by her mum's neighbour in Mbaitolu, Imo State on Saturday.

According to KC Young, Chika was brought to their station, My Radio Fm 101, Owerri, on Sunday by her widowed mother, Mrs Ngozi Mkwazema, a native of Emekuku in Imo state but living as a tenant in Obazu Mbieri in Mbaitolu LGA. Here is the report: "It happens that on Saturday 20th around 8pm there was a fight between her children and that of her Co-Tenant which she gave her name as Mrs promise a mother of 3 and married to one Mr Obinna a Keke driver from Ebonyi state.

When Miss Chika (the victim) came to separate the fight, Mrs promise started beating her and at the same time insulting her Mother. According to the girl "'She started insulting my mother and calling my two big sisters prostitutes so I talked back to her and told her to stop insulting my family, she drag me to the public kitchen and poured hot water that my mum was Boiling on me.

According to her Mum, Mr Obinna and his wife promise, are no where to be found and he is from Abakaliki in Ebonyi state.

Please save the poor girl. To render assistance call her Auntie (a teacher) on 08032305020.


  1. Lord have mercy. Some people have lost their conscience sha.

  2. some people are deadlier than the devil himself..she must be caught cuz i call this attempted suicide

  3. This is where toot for tat should be applied. wickedness in high places

  4. Police should fetch out those culprits.

  5. Wickedness. May God heal her wounds.

  6. People can be so heartless.

  7. Oladimeji S.23 May, 2017 19:42

    Some people are so full of wickedness.


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