Youths Accuse Ahmed Lawan Of Neglecting His People, Bar Him From Wedding At Emir’s Palace

Senate Majority Leader, Senator Ahmed Lawan, was ordered back by angry youth in his constituency, making it impossible for him to attend a wedding ceremony at the Emir of Bade’ s palace on Saturday.

The youths, who accused the senator of abandonment since he was voted into the Senate, took to the highway, Nguru-Gashua road, stopping his convoy at Gasma community.

The senator had flown into Kano on Friday, and had traveled by road to Gashua to attend the wedding on Saturday.

He reportedly overtook the protesting youths and successfully passed through Nguru, but they immediately alerted other communities.

The youths of Gasma community allegedly laid siege on the road, and on sighting the senator, ordered him to turn back.

His pleas reportedly were not heeded, and when the situation deteriorated into violence, the senator allegedly turned back with his convoy which included his security details.

It was learnt that the youths' grouse was the alleged non -performance of the senator since his election.

One of the notable youths of Gasma, Buba Isa, who also leads the Gasma Youths Association, told journalists on phone in Damaturu that the decision of the protesting youth was to send a strong message to the Majority Leader that he was not welcome in his constituency as long as he was not ready to fulfil the promised impact.


  1. wow i love this..youths who know their priviledges and know how to ask of it and make a statement are doing their thing..if almost all youths in the country thread this part against their leaders then these leglislooters will seat up

  2. Now the youths are waking up, that's commendable

  3. Oladimeji S.22 May, 2017 08:31

    Good.Nigerian youth wake up.

  4. Nice move from the youths . How I wish Nigeria youth will be active like this, I think that change slogan would be realistic.


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