A Message From Pastor Olu Famous

It is indeed a new beginning for me. Sincerely, I appreciate all of you who have been able to look beyond my mistakes in the saga of my life. But for those still holding on to it, my words to you is; even after our Lord Jesus Christ told Peter he was going to deny him three times, Peter could not escape it. He promised he would never deny Jesus, but it happened.

So, whatever will happen to a person with a great destiny, especially if the outcome will lead to the Manifestation of God's purpose for his life, he can't escape it; just surrender to God.

That was why I never allowed everything that happened to steal my focus; I was trying to deliver myself and to also deliver "my wife". As the mother of my son, I never stopped loving her despite all the issues. In fact, after my efforts to make her go through Deliverance in Lagos failed, when I got to Abuja I sent her money to take a flight and join me in the city so she could be delivered, but for whatever reason she cancelled her flight at the last hour. Sigh!

Anyway, I will still help her, especially now that I'm a servant of God, but it will be as I am led by the Holy Spirit, because I can no longer act blindly on any matter. Times have changed.

Matters Arising...
Since Monday, I've been receiving donations from kindhearted Nigerians, till today people are still sending money to my account to help start our church service in a few weeks time. You people are really surprising Pastor Olu Famous, I'm honoured, I am noting everything down. I'll be praying for you all on Sunday night and it will be POWERFUL.

To the Glory of God, I received an invitation from one of the biggest churches in Nigeria to come share God's word and His wonders in my life with their members. I have accepted the invitation.

Counselling and Prayers
Many people have called and sent SMS and WhatsApp messages to me concerning ISSUES they are contending with in their lives, seeking to see me for prayers and all that.

Here's My Answer...
I'm in the presence of the Lord and taking note of the things He is revealing to me concerning the direction and outlook of the ministry (LIVING SEED CHURCH - aka House of Harvest).

Counselling and prayers will be on Thursdays and Fridays every week from 10am to 3pm. Ladies will be attended to on Thursdays while Men will be attended to on Fridays.
* If a married Lady wants to bring her Husband or a single Lady wants to bring her FiancĂ©, for Divine Intervention, she should bring him on Friday; that is the day I'll be attending to men. 
* If a married Man wants to bring his wife or a single Man wants to bring his Fiancée,
for Divine Intervention, he should bring her on Thursday; that is the day I'll be attending to ladies.
After praying for those who sent in money for our church commencement plans on Sunday night, on Monday I will disclose the start date and venue for Counselling and Prayers.

- The God who dwells in unapproachable light will shine through your life issues with His power of restoration and settle your case, in Jesus precious name. Amen!

Pastor Olu Famous