A Message From Pastor Olu Famous

It breaks my heart the number of people I've attended to in the short period I started Counseling & Breakthrough Prayers for individuals. People are going through a lot in life, but our God is always able. I got calls from people seeking Divine Intervention in different areas of their lives from the far North, from Kaduna, Nasarawa, Plateau, Rivers State, Enugu, Imo, Akure, Ibadan, Lagos (majority) and Abuja (my base).

I've seen and heard a lot. Some of those I ministered to are already having testimonies, to the Glory of God. In fact, one of those I Intervened for called me while writing this, to appreciate God.

However, I believe it is also important that I help those who are comfortable or doing a bit ok in their jobs and businesses at the moment.

The reason is that, every man and woman who is going through rough times​ in their life, family and finance today were sometime ago very rich, comfortable or enjoyed life, relationship, marriage, etc. before things went bad.

Why did they fail? What went wrong?
What can be done to help those who are doing well today in their​ family and finance for them to remain on the path of progress and continue to grow, and avoid failing or crashing in future?

Please don't just wait until you have issues before you start seeking the Intervention of an anointed man of God in your situation. Be wise and proactive.

There are powers who are not happy when you're making progress, whether you know it or not. Also, there are men or women you have had s*xual relationship or other forms of relationship with (in the past or currently) who have demonic spirits in them without you knowing. No matter how much progress you make, those evil forces can bring anyone down.

Don't let your case be like those of many others who were rich before but are flat broke today. They never believed that such a big fall from Prosperity to Poverty could happen to them, but it did and they were caught unawares.

If you were rich or comfortable before but you are now struggling with bad times due to bad forces beyond your control, there are things you need to do for you to achieve Good Success again.

Also, if you are rich or comfortable today and all is well, there are things you need to do in order to maintain your success and keep making progress.

That is how this life is. Humans do not always have all it takes to make wealth and continue to enjoy it all on their own. People do a lot in secret (both good and bad) to get to where they are. Only a few understand this REALITY and work in this knowledge​.

The truth is, whether you are broke, managing or very rich today, you need to be washed. You need specific prayers. You need clarity and balance. You need Divine support. And you need anointing to stay above principalities and powers.

Wherever you are in Nigeria, call me and share your concerns, the Lord will use me to help you.

It is well with you.

Pastor Olu Famous