Here Are Nigerian States That 'Haven't Paid Workers in 2017'

Civil servants in Abia, Oyo, Benue, Ondo, Kogi, and Ekiti states have not received salaries in 2017, a survey conducted by BudgIT, a civic tech organisation, has shown.

An official statement released in Abuja by BudgIT Nigeria indicates that up to 20 states owe their workers including pensioners their entitlements ranging from one to 36 months.

BudgITng said it decided to conduct a qualitative analysis of the frequency of salary payment of six different categories of workers in all the 36 states.

According to TheCable news, the survey by BudgITng, covered primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, local government workers, state independent workers, pensioners and state secretariat workers.

A part of the statement read; “In particular, we discovered that many states have defaulted in the payments of pensions and gratuities.

“From the survey carried out, we discovered that apart from the fact that 16 states which are yet to pay the pensions of former civil servants in their service, 8 of these states have not paid their pensioners at least 12 months’ pensions...

“Notably, these pensioners expressed how unhappy they are, their dissatisfaction with the government and how hard it has been for them to survive.

“In addition to outstanding pensions, we note from our survey, that across all categories, states like Kogi, Abia, Benue, Oyo, Ekiti and Ondo have not paid their workers’ salaries for this year 2017; owing at least 4 months’ salary. However, the likes of Lagos and Rivers have been consistently impressive with their up to date and full payment of civil servants’ remuneration."

See the full table below;

How do they expect people to take care of their families under such conditions?


  1. This is not good at all. Doesn't someone in Aso Rock see this info and do something about it?

  2. This too bad for government workers of some States I wonder how they survive.

  3. Enter your comment...So after all dis talks Fayose is owing workers. Wat an irony.

  4. Hope they are going to offset the salary problem immidiately FG release the remaining paris club fund.

  5. Thanks to Gov. of those states with up to date pay

  6. Thanks to Gov. of those states with up to date pay. Sai Lalong Samuel of plateau state. sure I stand by you during 2019


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