Increase of Single Ladies: Ways of Salvaging the Situation

by EmusMighty
Look around you, there are everywhere, church, workplace, neighborhood, family etc.

Which is the way forward?

The lashes fall on both genders, appropriately.

Let's observe some measures that can be taken to salvage this urgent matter; 

(Forget those ladies forming, 'I don't need a man to feel fulfilled', I'm my own boss. It's deception + boldfacism. There's a scar inside.)

This thread is in Two Sections; Section A and B;

Section A (Guys):

1) Guys should start seeing ladies differently.
The average guy sees ladies as merely a *bleeping object*. With that kinda mental picture, how wan take marry? Ladies are delicate creatures of God to help you fulfill your purpose and theirs too (before feminists crucify me.)

Truth be told, very few of our ladies pose themselves as that object. Very few, I believe. Even at that, Guys, let's see ladies differently. This is possible.

2) Many Guys Don't Know What They Truly Want In A Girl
Why the make-up and break-up? It's all in this quote, "When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable."

The reason many girls are still single is because guys have refused to propose and that's also because they're still NOT sure if she's the one. If you don't see her marriageable, don't fool her with promises thus chasing other potential suitors, hence overcrowding the 'single ladies world.' I told one lady, I can't promise you I'm gonna marry you. Today, we're still friends.

3) Money and Diamond isn't all a Wife-Material needs.
The saying goes, 'if she's in love with you just because you're rich, she ain't a wife material.'
True ladies abound who want to build a home with you and your 'wretched purse'. Look out for them. Don't generalize that all girls are after the cash. Nada! That's archaic and shameful. There is more to marriage. Don't go for the uneducated girls just because you feel you can't 'afford' the educated and pretty one who read Medicine. Why must you think poor before you 'die'? In fact, those other ones are not the solution. Your thinking is.

If I see what I want in any lady, your social status is inconsequential. Highest, you turn me down which all guys are used to, lol. Every setback is a setup for a superfluous comeback.

Section B (Ladies):

1) 'Clock is Ticking' ain't a delusional phrase but an obvious reality.
Many ladies don't really know that there is time for everything. Abeg open Eccl.3:1-13 and read biko. You're 21 and counting how many guys you've 'chopped' and didn't 'chop' you back. That phase of life is very brief. Birthday party after birthday parry and you are already close to 30 and your fleshy flesh ain't as inviting as they used to be. Those guys you friendzoned are now married with kids while you are there confessing, "My time is coming." Hello, wake up and smell the coffee, it's a bit cold now. Stop being repulsive and irritating when guys approach you today. Be nice and courteous. I remember LADY X who happily gave me her number, only for me to call days later and she starts forming, "call me later, I'm busy." I was like, who taught you this did a pretty awful job. So harrowing. Number deleted, life goes on!

Ladies, be nice to guys today. It's one of them that might marry you or recommend you to your *superman*. You mustn't stay single till 30 to learn this.

2) Having an inaccurate measurement of a successful spouse.
How do you measure a successful guy? Must he have a car? Good and fine, if he has. That's still not the yardstick. 

Was once eyeing a lady when I asked about her, someone told me her REQUIREMENT. I retraced my steps. I'll be there soon, yea. Almost all the guys who asked for her hand are happily married. Do ladies have different privy parts? Haba! Ladies, measure success by his dreams, prospect and daily efforts. How many ladies saw greatness in Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard dormitory? Only one gentle-looking, purpose-driven Priscilla Xang. Where were all the 'runs girls'? I'm discouraging the reason ladies wait endlessly for "Mr Right". 

They look towards successful failures. They look at liabilities and demean assets. If you want to be a 'mummy' in church tomorrow, marry a pastor. Don't marry a yahoo boy that you would start dragging to church and forcing him to be a good husband.

3). "I DON'T CARE" attitude.
Lols, I told her, 'walk like a lady at times na. Not walking like a soldier heading for Sambisa"
She literally interrupted me with, "Any man that doesn't like the way I walk should go to *****." Okay o. I went away also. The truth is, if you don't kinda do the unusual, you might not get the unusual. Step out. Break out. Be rightly positioned. How can a guy love you for who you are? When you aren't domesticated. You lack manners. On top all, you now joined them feminist - claiming right with you 'olowoorimi'. Who are you and what can you give him that he can't get elsewhere?

Get prepared! I-don't-care might be the reason no one cares about you but keep hurting you emotionally, year in, year out! Change!

Do you know? The world population is about 7.7billion and roughly 22% are young unmarried ladies. That means over 1.5 billion ladies are still single. Don't allow Amarachi do shakara for you jare!

SUMMARY: There are no general reasons why guys and ladies stay so late before choosing someone. Different strokes for different folks. If you seek God, it's better.
[written by EmusMighty]