My Cousin's Fiancee Lied Now He Wants To Call Off Their Wedding

As shared by Obi Tee...
My brother just confided in me that his wife-to-be lied to him. She had told him she studied law from a UK university with 2.2 as her grade. 

She never wanted to go to law school and my cousin has since been encouraging her. Now he just found out the truth.

He stumbled on her certificate which shows clearly that she studied Sociology and even graduated with a pass!!

Now hes depressed. He's wondering how many other lies she had told him about herself.

Their white wedding comes up in 2 months time and he has already done traditional. 

He's considering calling off the wedding. What do you think?


  1. He should reconsider the issue and forgive her if she feel sober and she apologise for what she did.

  2. Forgive her and forge ahead. Though is bad attitude to lie against her qualifications but at list she is graduate.

  3. Hassan Aderemi02 June, 2017 09:52

    A relationship built on deception cannot last, if she can lied about her certificate she is not trust worthy, in my own opinion, he should let her realize what she has done & the marriage can be put on hold.

  4. It is always good to say the truth.

  5. We can only advice but the actual decision rest solely on him, forgiveness is my advice

  6. He should call it off...

    The lady should grow up...

  7. Grace Boniface02 June, 2017 11:46

    Any relationship built on d foundation of lies will never stand.

  8. Journey that started with lies will be difficult to end well. To me if you don't trust quit it.

  9. She's not a wife material. The best thing is to call off the wedding. She can never be faithful as she will continue to use one lie to cover previous ones and before you know it you have been sold!

  10. It is bad for the girl to lie to her future husband but wait a minute!!! Is the man marrying the lady certicate or the lady? If the man is marrying because of certifica, it means there is no love. You love your wife unconditionally Period

  11. The earlier the relatiohship is called off the better for the man! That lady is not reliable.


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