My Word For Today

If I have to convince anyone that the I Am That I Am has called me and that He asked me to leave everything I was doing to become a pastor, it means I'm trying to do this with my strength. For some who do not know, those who the Lord calls into His ministry are different from those who desire to be Pastors and went through training and all that as you have in Redeemed, Winners (branch pastors) and some other churches today.

When the great man of God TB Joshua started, he was criticized even by CAN leaders, they said he's operating with magic, that he has no spiritual father, and all sorts. Why? They couldn't see beyond their hatred for the man, they didn't realize that God doesn't need anyone's permission to call a man and use him for His Glory.

Today Israel, the earthly home of our Lord Jesus Christ has given TB Joshua free land to leave Nigeria and come set up his Synagogue Church there, because the world is seeing what God is using him to do in the lives of His children. Most of the pastors in CAN executive then who rained abuses on TB Joshua are not known even beyond their states today.

When Baba Adeboye gave all the money in his bank account to God as requested by the founder of Redeemed Church, several members of the growing Church then said they couldn't do such, probably because they thought they know God's ways and that God can't ask them to give Him all their money when they have family to feed. Today Baba Adeboye is known and respected the world over, but most of them till date are not known beyond the parish where they are pastors or members.

Even I Pastor Olu Famous, before the call of God for my life became clearer, a friend of mine came to my house with a church flyer and told me; "Baba I want make you follow me go this church program, the Pastor na confirm, him pray for me and things happen as him talk am... Baba I no go like make you miss this program."

This my friend doesn't know me well; anything about God, church, prayer, I don't joke. So I followed him to the church program that evening and while the program was on the pastor stated given words of prophecies to people. When he looked​ at my direction, he said "that man wearing glasses come out", I went to meet him in front (this was around 7:45pm at night). He said somebody should give him money, so the guest Pastor who came from South Africa brought out some money from his pocket and gave to me. Then the pastor said the Lord will do something that will surprise you, "you are a great man, that thing covering your glory is being lifted."

Later, I met the Pastor one-on-one in his office and he told me that I've sold my properties many times before coming to Abuja, I told him it's true. He then hit me with a bombshell; "That your car you have to SOW it as a Seed to God...tell the Lord that all the remaining battles in your life should go with your car, come and handover your car to the church tomorrow morning...if you have the FAITH please do it, something is about to start in your life."

Wow! My car - BMW Convertible - that I just bought? I should sow it as a Seed? I told him it is well sir, and I left his office. I got home and my spirit told me that 'this car is not as expensive as your house which is no longer yours today, this car can't be quantified with all you had lost'.

The next morning, I prayed and I quietly drove my car to the church, parked it based on the pastor's instruction, went to the alter for prayers as he had directed, wrote a change of ownership of my car to the church and left.

Funny enough, when my friend who took me to the church program heard what I've done he rushed to my house and screamed: "Baba you get mind o, me I no fit do wetin you do o. Even this my Toyota I no fit sow am talk less of that your BM. What if the Pastor no hear from God...and he just collected your car like that."

I laughed seriously! Here's the same person who told me that the Pastor is 'confirm' now singing a different tune because of a car. I just told him I didn't give my car to the Pastor but to My God, the unchangeable changer.

I SOWED my car on the 15th, God is my witness... my total Deliverance, the confirmation of God's CALL for my life, my Revelation of Divine Impartation, the Lord's mandate for me to go start a church of Seed & Harvest, the release of Heaven's MANTLE to Pastor Olu Famous all happened in a church I've never been to before in my life on the 25th of the same month (just 10 days after I gave my car to God).

So when I observe some people trying to rationalize my calling to become a Pastor, I just laugh. You can't question what you don't know. You have no idea where I'm coming from, you don't know where the Lord brought me from and you can't even see where he's taking me to.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can't question God. To Him alone be all the Glory!

Pastor Olu Famous