Popular Snake Pastor Confesses At TB Joshua's Church... Gets Delivered (photos)

Pictures showing Pastor Penuel Mnguni, popularly known as the ‘Snake Pastor’, feeding snakes to his members in South Africa as a purported demonstration of God’s power went viral across the globe, making headlines in newspapers and online media worldwide. 

However, Pastor Mnguni of the ‘End Time Disciples Ministries’, did not stop there. He went further by driving a car over some of his members, feeding parts of a live rat to congregants, locking another in a deep freezer for over thirty minutes and causing yet more to strip off their clothes during his wild church services. 

Pastor Mnguni was arrested for his activities and faced backlash from both human and animal rights groups but despite the global outrage sparked by his actions, he vowed to continue unperturbed.
Thus, when Pastor Mnguni somberly came forward during The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) service, it was a shock to many. 

He told the congregation that he had read certain Scriptures such as Mark 16:17-18 which led him to believe he could feed his congregants with strange items to prove the power of God. However, he admitted that after discovering Emmanuel TV and beginning to listen to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s teachings, he realised his activities were “not Scriptural”.

He therefore requested for prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua for deliverance from the spirit that pushed him to engage in such bizarre, inhumane actions.'


  1. Grace Boniface05 June, 2017 10:19

    Thank God for he's deliverance

  2. He needs more prayer for proper sanctification.

  3. With God, all things are possible

  4. Lesson to all the 'yes' followers. Shame! The last day will tell all.

  5. With all he was doing people are still attending the church?..they needed deliverance also just like their leader.

  6. He needs enough deliverance.

  7. hmmmmmm, it is well


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