Woman Dumps Her Husband After He Lost His Job

Marriage is the most important decision of your life; please try your best to get it right.

Here's a story about a Nigerian lady who first refused to breastfeed her baby because it will make her breasts sag, then dumped her husband, son and newborn baby weeks after the man she claimed to love lost his bank job. She absconded with other men. *Smiles*

But eventually her mess caught up with her...

Those who have chosen deceit and evil, be guided. Those who have chosen good, keep it up. 


  1. Nemesis have arrested her.

  2. It both ways, some men will be loyal to you when Broke,the lady will be there for him luvin him,caring ND holding him dwn. When d man blow he will start carryin diffrnt girls nd forget d woman that stand by him

  3. This story is so touching, I almost wept at the end. Thank you Ogechi Njoku-Alabi.

  4. There is price at the end of every race, hers is nearer than ever

  5. OH...

    Got nothing much to say...

    Hope ladies learn from this...

  6. So touching.... God we continue saving innocent men from the claws of wicked women


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