Man Caught Wearing Girl's Pant & Bra For Rituals In Lagos

Tension rose at Oduloju street in Sabo-Oniba Ojo area of Lagos on Saturday night around 3a.m as a man from Abia State living in the street was caught by the Nigerian soldiers in an attempt to fulfill ritual requirements with the daughter of his landlord named Ijeoma.

The suspect, identified as Brother Hyacinth, who lives in a room with his wife and kids allegedly owns over five shops with business name 'A.Y' in ASPAMDA trade fair complex Lagos and about 7 plots of land at Igbede just a bridge across the Oduloju waterlogged area.

This bridge is secured at the Igbede end by soldiers whose Boss is a high ranked officer of the Nigerian army.

According to neighbors, he is a very kind and generous man who has assisted the landlord since he packed in and has offered driving the children to school. He is popularly know as 'brother'. According to his landlord 'Papa Ijeoma', who has four kids of 3-girls and a boy, Brother has been of huge financial aid to his family at hard times

An eye witness said the Soldiers who caught him performing the ritual on the bridge heard a recurring chant of incantations with the name Ijeoma and quietly sneaked closer to the direction of the voice, but the suspect noticed their presence and ran away but the soldiers pursued and tracked him to his house where the wife pleaded for mercy.

The case was subsequently handed over to the Oduloju community.

When the day became clear, the Oduloju community reported to the Sabo-Ajangbadi police station where the suspect is currently detained. The police has also searched his house and found nothing implicating although there's widespread rumour that the wife is paying off security.

Brother Hyacinth, whose wife has been barren for many years of marriage until last year, was said to have been in the practice for long until luck departed from him. He was caught wearing the bracelet and pant of the girl while performing the incantations.