Mother Gets Big Car From Son Who Sold Her Car To Travel Abroad (photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Dan Ladi has gifted his mother a brand new Venza Car. The man who shared the story via his Facebook page, revealed how he sold his mother's car years back out of desperation to travel abroad in search for greener pastures.

Read what he shared below:

Some years ago i sold your car out of desperation and made away with the money in search for greener pastures, My Mother, Today I might not be rich enough, to buy you a Lambo , a ferrari or a house on Beverly hills, But i want you to know something, that this little gift of mine comes from my heart, it would never be worth the struggles you have gone through in life to Put up for me and my siblings, even when i put u through difficult and down times, you were always there to Forgive.

I might not be the best of son you ever dreamed of, but i always want you to know that making you proud and happy would be forever be my hobby, I promise to always adore you like never before because without you, i for no de here today, God bless every mother in the world. i pray that we your children, are able someday to get the finances to be able to appreciate you all in many diverse ways.

Some people got the means and finances to appreciate there mothers, but they don’t have mothers, some people got mothers, but dey don’t have the means, So i am really thankful to God for his Grace to be able to do this for you in life, i pray that the good lord preserve all our beautiful mothers . Because without you all we are nothing.