Nigerian Rearrested With Heroin In India While On Bail

Not again! The city police have arrested a notorious Nigerian drug peddler, identified as Okey, once again with half a kg of heroin within a span of two months.

Okey was arrested from the under bridge of Surya Enclave during routine checking. The police had arrested him around two months ago and put him behind bars, he came out on bail recently. Within a few days, in another drug peddling move, he was caught red handed by the city police.

The police said the interrogation of a Nigerian national, arrested on June 14, had revealed that a drug network on a large scale was being run from Delhi and drugs were being supplied from the national Capital to Jalandhar.

As per the interrogation of Nigerian national Agu Emmanuel, 32, of Amokwe city, he had landed at the Mumbai airport in January on a tourist visa and had contacted his old mate Yohan at a local cloth market. He said after living in the Mohammad Arif market in Mumbai with Yohan for one month, he moved to Delhi where he met Kingsly and Iffai who was living at Om Vihar in Delhi.

Then, he was introduced to Okey, also known as Lucky, who runs drug business in Delhi and various districts of Punjab. Now the justice system could be more strict on him.