Why You Should Join LIVING SEED CHURCH On Saturday With Pastor Olu Famous

Ladies & gentlemen, all is set for the Lord's RESCUE MISSION to bring today's Christians out of their many struggles and limitations. Enough of the anomaly of believers living in poverty, shame with many being jealous of people living false lifestyles and showing questionable wealth in their faces, especially in this generation of social media.

The time for you to Arise & Shine has come. Make plans to be at LIVING SEED CHURCH this Saturday in Abuja, be rest assured that your Next Level Breakthroughs will begin to manifest.

The church address:
Sia Matrix Executive Hall
Lugbe Phase 2, opposite Munchino,
First Avenue, Lugbe FHA, Abuja
(police signboard bus stop street)

Time: 9AM prompt.

Why you should attend Living Seed Church: 
1. DELIVERANCE: Many are living far below capacity today due to the actions of principalities and powers of darkness. Many need powerful spiritual intervention to be set free from their Family Strongholds and/or from the Consequences of their own actions.

2. BREAKTHROUGHS: You cannot rely on your efforts alone to get everything you need to be comfortable in life; you need people, you need favour, you need divine support. The Lord is using me to activate the Grace to Prosper consistently in all areas of life.

3. SALVATION: The Bible says, 'fear God and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man'. Yes, the Lord will use me to deliver and bless you, but your soul must be saved for you to be in the agenda of the Lord for the rest of your life and eventually make heave.

4. PRACTICAL SUCCESS: At Living Seed Church, we will not only deliver you and pray for you to be blessed; I will also be giving members money to pay rents, feed their family, support their business, start a new business, etc. You must live a fulfilled life.

This is the real purpose of church; to help you spiritually and materially, not just to be collecting Tithe and Offering from you. I am ready...expect the unusual power of God!

Counselling & Prayers: 
Thursdays (for ladies) & Fridays (for men)

Pastor Olu Famous