Another Kidnapper Caught In Lagos, Almost Killed By Mob

The menace of kidnapping and rituals in Lagos needs serious attention. A suspected kidnapper was caught in Orile area of the state over the weekend. He was almost killed by mob before Hon. Otunba Ishola Ibrahim Obanla intervened.

The suspected kidnapper wore 3 different cloths together with a black Toy Gun, 2 different ID CARDS, a yam & bread in a black sack.

The little boy he was said to have kidnapped was rescued from a big sack where he kept him.

Residents of the Street named “OSHODI STREET” in Orile, Lagos, were alerted by passers-by when they noticed the suspicious movement of the alleged kidnapper. He was searched and all the above listed items were found in his custody including the kidnapped boy in a big sack.

The aggrieved residents almost took the law into their hands as they started throwing stones at him, hitting him with clubs and different dangerous weapons. He was eventually rescued.