Corper celebrates his Mum who sponsored him to university selling vegetables

A proud graduate who's currently serving the country in the compulsory NYSC scheme has got praises online after he shared beautiful photos of himself and his mother who sold vegetables to train him to the University. He described her as his SuperHero.

Read what the corper wrote below:

HELLO Nigerians! I wanna introduce my SUPERHERO to you. The only treasure i have left in the world, the only woman who loves me unconditionally, provides for me even when i say mummy you've done enough, gives me even when I don't ask. Goes to the market day-in day-out to sell UGU leave, BITTER leave, WATER leave, SPINACH & every other soup item you know... that is what my MOTHER sell just to get me to were I am today, she's the reason am a CORP MEMBER today, wearing these uniform, obeying the clarion call, & not just me alone including (6) other GRADUATES, my siblings. 
I celebrate you SUPER MUM, I love you above every living being on earth. I pray and hope these little words inspires every mother who's facing difficulties & financial challenges to see that her child goes to school! I want you to know that there's always LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL so don't give up and GOD will see you through. How many like for my SUPER MOTHER"