Covenant University Students Show Off Surveillance Robot - Named “SpyBot”

Meet Spybot a surveillance device researched and built by a team of Covenant University students and lecturers exhibited at the ongoing ICTELExpo2017 at Eko hotel.

Spybot is a wireless solar powered surveillance (Multipurpose) System. It has a remote tranceiver that covers a distance of 7 - 8km.

The device is integrated with an IP (IPZ) camera with infrared light for night vision. This camera allows for remote sensing and control of the system as an #IoT enable smart security surveillance system. More photos...

The device is automatically or manually controlled by the user. It has an interface that can work work on Android and serves as a monitoring platform to see the movement of the device.

It can be used in the areas of medical expertise in remote areas, it can also serve as a military gadget to survey enemies against attack.