Husband To Lady Who Regretted Her Marriage Opens Up

Too many insincere people in marriage these days. It all started when a lady named Okibe Olivia came online to advise ladies to date a man for some time before getting married. She claimed that she regretted her marriage with Emeka Augustine a Malaysia-based Nigerian.

She made a lot of allegations. Anyway, the man has shared his own side of the story. He accused her mother of been a witch, and the one manipulating her, he added that she's a prostitute and aborted his baby. Read the husband's story below...

''That was the last chance for her; then I told her that she will pay for all her evil.
She is already paying for her evils.

Her mother which supposed to be my mother in-law is the wast woman that you can ever deal with in life. She was the one that spoilt her female kids. All of them have gone astray. The woman is also a slay grand mama. Her nick name is 'mama G'.

In conclusion, the young lady is not yet ready to marry, she wanna continue playing games with men from different location; but my own case brought an end to all the games.

I advised other Malaysian men to go and try their own luck may be it might favour them; as for me, I've been done for a very long time. I will advise you little girl to desist from using my name in your fake stories; because if you continue, I might deal with you little rat legally.

I have tried my possible me best to help your life. I helped you because your a poor small girl; but you are ungrateful, you fool people around you, telling them so many lies. Most of them are wise, they know that you are a fool and chip liar. Some of them fall for your chip lies; but that is never my business.

You said that I want to use you for a ritual right ? You are an ungrateful human being; continue making fool of yourself in a social network; but don't mention my name again. I am done with you 100%. Go and look for other Malaysian men; they will finally find out what you are then they will still ran away. You can never change nah, neither will your mother change.

I will not open up any of your dirty poo here; so don't be scared. I am a wise man; not stupid like you.

I am sorry for any pain I might have caused anyone due to my anger. May the gentle soul of your father rest in peace. He is a good man, I know that if he is life, all those things will not be happening to his children. I wish you good luck to your future clients all over the world..."

- Young people need to understand that a marriage built on fraud and deceit hardly survives.