Lady Regrets Getting Married To A Rich Guy She Just Met... advises fellow ladies

A Nigerian lady, Olivia Okibe, learnt a life's lesson the hard way after her marriage to her Malayasia-based ex-husband crashed. She took to social media to advise her fellow ladies to date a man before agreeing to become his wife.

Olivia shared photos from her introduction ceremony with the guy she never dated and wrote:

"And this was my Introduction on the 7th of January 2017. Yes you read right, it was only my Introduction (knocking on my head and fixing date) and nothing more. 
It was a blast, fun but guess what? I was still a bitter woman down my heart, with all those smiles you saw me wearing on the face, I was still very weary and bitter because I knew I entered the wrong hand but I found out a bit late. But to God be the glory, it ended in praise. 
Experience is the best teacher.
My advice to girls is to please date him at least for...a while...before you say yes to his marriage proposal. 
I never dated him oooooo and I said yes !! Pity me but eventually , I learnt my bitter lesson. Case closed"