Lagos Bans Use Of Motorbikes & Air Cooling Vans For Meat Transportation

Lagos State Government has banned the use of 'Okada' and ‘Air Cool Vans’ for transportation of meat and meat products in all abattoirs and slaughter slabs across the State in order to ensure a well-structured meat transporting system which befits the status of a mega city.
The Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Oluwatoyin Suarau who made this known recently at the stakeholders meeting with representatives of the Lagos Butchers Association, Eko Refrigerated Meat Van Association, Apapa Park transporter and the Sheep and Goat Butchers Association noted that only the authorized ‘Refrigerated Meat Vans’ are allowed in the business of transporting meat within the State.

“Anyone who transports meat products using means other than the authorized refrigerated meat vans will have their meat seized. The ‘air cool van’ which was earlier introduced in 2008 has been phased out and must not operate within the State again”, he said.

While reiterating that the State government will not relent in its efforts to stop the unwholesome transportation of meat, Suarau warned against carrying of meat products in polythene bags and unauthorized vehicles.