Lagos-Based Lawyer Accused of Giving His Wife Black Eye

As shared by Fejiro Oliver 
The man in this post is Barr. Gerald Eguaroje from Okpe in Akoko Edo local government Area of Edo state while the wife is a Benin woman but they live in Lagos.

They are blessed with two kids, a boy and a girl.

A lawyer who should be kicking against domestic violence is a champion in it. At the slightest provocation, he pounds the wife like a boxer, giving her bruises and serious injuries.

The picture of her here injured occurred when he wanted to bring a relative from the village and the wife simply asked why he never sought get opinion.

Rather than explaining, he pounced on her like a cat and pummeled her face, saying he owns the house and can do what he likes.

Passersby who saw him beating her where they reside and sent this were shocked that a lawyer could act like this and use negative words on her, an act unbecoming of a lawyer.

- the couple sure need serious help, hope they get same fast.