Message I Received From A Lady Living With Blood Cancer

Good afternoon Mr Olu Famous please I have a pressing issue and would like you to handle it.... it's a matter of life and death...it's about Cancer patients' survival.

Olu Famous: "It is well. Tell me about the issue"
In particular Leukemia patients, there drugs have been seized for a month now by the Nigeria Custom Service, even with the fact that we have an exemption letter of import duty signed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, this drug and God is our only means of survival and it's used for life time. 
The drug is Glivec by name provided to us by Novartis company Switzerland as a Free Donation, we don't pay for it at all because no patient can afford it, it cost 3$,000 and over N1.5million in our currency for a month dose. You can imagine this. It as been many patients' means of survival over the years as we have people using it for over 11 years and living a normal life of which I myself is also a beneficiary for 4 years now. 
Please we want everyone to help us appeal to our government and Customs to please release our drugs because a week without this drug can result to mass death.

We receive treatment at Oauthc Ile Ife and drugs donated under Maxcare Foundation of Nigeria.

Nigeria is also the only benefiting country of this helpful drug in West Africa over the years..... We cry with one voice; #Help save people with BLOOD CANCER#... Thank you!

Olu Famous: I asked the lady to send me some documents to prove her claims and she did. Please Nigerian Customs and whoever else is behind this issue, kindly consider the lives involved and release their drugs. God bless you as you consider their plight.