Story Of 2 Corpers Who Fought, Leaving One With Injury

The news trended in sections of the media on Saturday of a corper who attacked another corper with weapon in Akoko south east in Ondo state. But the issues was blown out of proportion.

According to our Fab Info findings, it was a case of a quarrel between two corpers, Yakubu Suleiman and Adina Josiah. The quarrel led to a fight and Suleiman got injured in the process.

The incident got to the notice of the NYSC State Coordinator Ondo State, Mr. Sunday Aroni, who intervened earlier today to put the matter to rest.

Though before this intervention by the State Coordinator, some persons have intervened, however the victim felt justice was not done to the case because he was not compensated for his hospital bills as promised by the Chairman of Akoko South East local government.

Hence, Yakubu Suleiman presented his grievance on the social media without recourse to the NYSC management, and it was discovered that some mischief makers capitalized on the occurrence.

The State Coordinator got wind of the case, and swung into action by inviting both parties and the president of Muslim Corpers’ Association and that of the Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship to a reconciliation meeting at the NYSC State Secretariat, Igbatoro, Ondo State.

The Akoko South East Local Government Inspector was also summoned, and some management staff were equally present at the meeting.

The victim was pacified and compensated at the meeting, while the member that provoked the other, Adina Josiah, was asked to write an apology letter and an undertaken that he was not going to torment the victim any longer.

At the end of the reconciliation, both parties shook hands, embraced each other and also assured the management of the NYSC, Ondo State, that nothing of such would happen again.