S*x for Roles: Randy Directors almost made Me Quit Movies – Actress Nkechi Blessing

Rising Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has opened up on some of the challenges she faced as an actress when she first started out in the industry.

Speaking with Potpourri, Blessing opened up on her career, life and more. Excepts below:

Getting into the movie industry wasn’t that easy for me. While in secondary school, I had always wanted to act but I didn’t know how to go about it. When I gained admission to the university, I met some friends who were into movies and they told me I have the physical qualities of an actor. After school, I met Kemi Korede who asked if I could act and I said yes. She then featured me in her movie, Omo Bewaji, in 2008. That was the first movie I ever acted in. Later, I met with Emeka Duru, who offered me a role in Emem Isong’s movie, Through the Fire. In 2012, I travelled to South Africa on vacation where I met Tope Bali, who was there to shoot a movie. Coincidentally, the blonde hairstyle I was wearing at that time was in sync with a character she was looking to feature in the movie, Kafila Omo Ibadan, which she was shooting.

In 2012, the trailer of the movie was released and that was how I became popular.

The earliest challenge I encountered happened when I decided to become a full-time actress and different directors began to make advances to me. At some point, I wanted to give up on my dream of becoming an actress. Due to the pressure I was faced with then, I stopped attending auditions for some time. Apart from that, I haven’t really faced many other challenges because in everything that I do, I always put God first. I focus more on my job and I don’t leave room for negativity.

Honestly, I have lost count of the number of movies that I’ve featured in, but the most recent one I took part in, Alakada Reloaded, by Toyin Abraham, got me more fans. I got almost the same kind of fame that Omoge Lekki gave me.

Personal productions 
I have produced four movies. Two of them, Omoge Lekki and Fiditi have been released. The others, Church Girls and Don, would be released soon.

Being Igbo  
I am from Abia State, but I am able to speak Yoruba fluently because I grew up in Yoruba land. However, I also act in English movies too. Some of the English movies I’ve acted in include Unrequited, The Document, Weight of Guilt, When Hell Freezes, among others.

Poor pay 
It’s not like we don’t get paid but we don’t earn big. I’m not in this for the money or fame. I love to act and see myself on the big screen; it’s my passion. I get paid what’s commensurate with my level for now. I believe when I get to another stage of my career, I will earn better. I don’t live above my means and I only show off what I have; I can’t go broke trying to look rich. For now, acting is the only thing that I do.