What Students Can Do Now That Universities Are On Strike

ASUU strike shouldn't stop you from pursuing your goals. If you are an undergraduate in any of the public higher institutions, brace yourselves for a long stay at home.

ASUU announced and has commenced an indefinite strike. When they embarks on this shut down it usually takes 2-3 months for it to be called off.

On a side (and tiresome note), it is sad how the government (referring to administrations from the Ali Must Go era) have treated the young in this country.

Thank goodness most of the universities are no longer plagued with gangland activities of confraternities. Sadly, we still have the problem of teachers downing tools. If you want to judge a country look at how it treats its women and children, for Nigeria, the mark is a bitter F9.

To the undergrad reading this, the weeks (hopefully), or months (most likely) you are going to stay at home can be used for productive things. You can choose to stay at home and turn up all day or invest in yourself and pick up a skill or two during the strike.

For a while now, especially in Nigeria, what you study in the university doesn't determine your path in life. People study Chemistry and end up being a top journalist. Maybe because of family and societal pressure, degrees don't necessarily reflect interests- a serious flaw in our education system that badly needs an update.

As the lecturers and government officials do their tiresome dance, you can read up on your interest and learn a thing or two about it. For instance, if you study medicine but interested in photography, this is the perfect time for you to pick up a camera and sharpen your skill.

This is better than staying at home doing nothing productive and watching TV. You can even make some small money on the side by covering birthdays and neighbourhood functions.

Apart from picking up on your interests, you can take a job, an internship and learn about the corporate world before you graduate. Most companies are always on the lookout for more interns. This is an opportunity to bolster your CV before you get that degree.

Work experience is crucial in this labour market. Unemployment is high in this country (no surprise) and you need every edge to stand out. Get an internship, work hard, learn the ropes and by the time you graduate you would be above most of your peers.

The key thing is to not be idle during this strike. The politicians don't care about you. This is the time to take life into your own hands and decide your fate in life. It starts from now. You might think you are killing time during this strike but really speaking time is killing you.

[written by Ayomide Tayo]