Good Ladies, don’t worry if others are "gaining" from S*xual Escapades

Dear Miss O.,
Sincerely, the first thought that comes to mind is “why would anyone choose stupid, bad, devil over God?” On the other hand, I understand the fact that your orientation, background, upbringing and ABOVE ALL personal conviction and relationship with God go a long way in determining your thoughts about life and your actions!

We are also at a time when the devil has taken over the world and the hearts of most humans. We are all surrounded by these people. And unless God has your undivided and undistracted attention, you can’t help but feel the way you do! In fact, the devil will make you see every reason why you should start getting all you want using your body as a merchandise...

Good enough, you passed through the four walls of the university and graduated “intact”. You’re just stepping out into the real world, what’s the rush my love? And who says within the next two years, you won’t marry your dream man/your divinely-ordained partner who would make you happy and give you all the sex you want? What have these friends of yours achieved that no one in the world has achieved my sweet? What do they currently possess that you won’t have eventually have tons of it? When you load your life with all types of spirits and demons from diverse sex partners, you will always pay for it! Your life is open to demonic invasion and the devil doesn’t want you to live an optimal life and align with God’s divine agenda for you! Don’t you get it?

My dear, you need to grow emotionally, SPIRITUALLY! You need to believe more in yourself and your capabilities! You need to activate the power of God in you and destroy all discouraging feelings- I mean feelings that can get you confused and depressed. You need to concentrate more on God and let your imagination bring to you what your friends can never have even if they sleep with all the men in the world!

I’ll just encourage you to stay right on track by giving you a few tips.
Separate yourself from s*xually-active unmarried friends

You can’t be hanging around sexually-active unmarried friends and not have the urge to jump on the band-wagon. You really need to take a firm decision about what you want out of life and avoid what will jeopardise it!
Your church/fellowship

You need to attend a church or fellowship which emphasises on holiness and the narrow way constantly bombarding you with scriptures and firing up your spirit and further pushing you to do things God’s way each time you attend service! Remember the word of God is described as a double-edged sword which penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit…Hebrews 4:12

This will go a very long way, believe me! It’s more powerful than you or ugly devil. Let it control you and you will be pleasantly amazed at what becomes of you and what comes to you!

To be continued.

Dear God,
I thank you so much for using me as one of your weapons to lead your daughters the way they should go and save them from being under the influence of the devil. I count it a huge privilege and the very best thing that happened to me; worth more than all the riches in the world. May your name be glorified in Jesus mighty name!

Love Always,
Temilolu Okeowo