Junior Wife Drowns Her Co-Wife's Two Children In A Well

A young wife in Nasarawa State, 20yrs old Aisha Isa, who is the second wife of her husband, has by her action shown herself to be an incarnate of the devil. She is alleged to have killed the two daughters of her husband’s first wife.

The two little girls - 4yrs old Zainab and 2yrs old Ramatu - were bound, hands and feet, and allegedly thrown into a well by Aisha and they drowned.

The heart.ess act was committed in Yelwabassa village in Kokona LGA of Nasarawa State.

According to the Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Kura, the suspect, who is now in the custody of the State Criminal Investigation Department, claimed in a confessional statement to detectives handling the case that she committed the alleged homicidal act because the mother of the two little girls forbade them from running errands for her.

According to The Sun, trouble began six years ago when she got married to Alhaji Isa. It was not long before the new wife began to quarrel with the mother of the two girls.

In April 2017, Aisha killed the first victim, two-year-old Ramatu, whose hands and legs she tied and threw into the well, where the little child died. The family simply buried her corpse and nobody found out how it happened. But nemesis caught up with her when she did the same thing to four-year-old Zainab in August.

At the headquarters of the State CID where she is in custody, pending arraignment in court, Aisha, who lost her own six-month-old baby gave a chilling account of what happened.

Her words: “It was the devil that used me. I took Ramatu, tied her two hands and legs and threw her into the well. In August 2017, I also took Zainab, tied her hands and legs and threw her into the well.

"After sometime I raised alarm, I shouted and attracted the attention of neighbours. My husband and the first wife rushed out. They asked what happened and I confessed immediately to them what I did.

“I have been having misunderstanding with my co-wife. She caused the problem.

"Whenever I sent the children on errand, she would tell them in my presence not to run errands for me. So, each time I called them, they ignored me. I decided to teach her children a lesson.”

Continuing, she said: “I got married six years ago. I gave birth to a baby six-months ago, but the baby died. Since then I had no baby and I have been telling Allah to give another baby.”

After she confessed to her husband, he quickly went with a neighbor to report the crime at the Garaku Police Station.

With the enormity of what she did having hit home, a sense of remorse has overwhelmed Aisha and she pleaded: “I want the family to forgive me for what I did; I have regretted my mistake and want my husband to forgive me.”

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the State CID, Mr. Mohammed Akeera said that the suspect would be charged to court soon for the alleged murder.