Ladies have running mouth; 50% Domestic Violence caused by women – Actress Monalisa

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has spoken out against domestic violence, as she urges women to quit provoking their husbands, saying 50% of domestic violence cases are caused by women.

Speaking while appearing as a guest on The Other News, a satirical show hosted by Okey Bakassi on Channels, Monalisa, who said actresses don't talk about their s*xual harassment experiences over fear of stigmatization, noted that she’s never been a victim.

She said: “It’s a bit uncomfortable for someone to come out and say I was cornered to sleep with a producer because of a role.

“They keep quiet about it because of their careers. Apart from that, the society stigmatises these women. So you just swallow your pride. When you are outside the shores of Africa, women are heroes for coming out to speak about s*xual abuse, but not here.”

On issues of domestic violence, she said: "As much as I detest all forms of violence against women and men, women should quit provoking their man by beating punches and slaps.

“I’m a domestic violence [enthusiast]. I always research when I hear fresh stories about domestic violence. Half the time, it is the women.

“God just gave us this running Okra mouth. Women, don’t fight with people who are stronger than you.”