Lady escapes from hotel room as man she went to have s*x with turned into Baboon

A runs girl, identified as Sandra Mpofu, got the shock of her entire life recently when a rich man she followed to a hotel for s*x and to collect money, turned into a baboon during the 'action'.

The lady, a Zimbabwean, bolted out of thee hotel room without her clothes.

According to B-Metro, the incident which reads like the ending of a Hollywood movie horror flick reportedly happened on 19 August at a hotel in Bulawayo area.

Narrating the nightmarish experience, amid sobs, the self-confessed lady, Sandra, who was initially reluctant to share the gory tale said she met the man on the day in question while coming from the shops where she had gone to buy bread.

Sandra said upon making negotiations, she suggested to the man that they should go to her place and have a good time.

The man, Sandra said, refused to go to her apartment requesting that they should go a hotel.

“It was around 7pm on my way from the shops to buy bread when I met that man close to my place. We started talking and in the process he said he was looking for a woman to spend a night with. Upon making negotiations I charged him for the night before I phoned a taxi which took us to the hotel where he said he was booked.

“Suspicion got the better of me when he didn’t decline to pay the amount I charged him unlike others who usually give me headaches when I charge them the same figure,” said Sandra.

She continued, “When we entered the room he quickly undressed before he started kissing me. He later went into the toilet leaving me lying on the bed...

“When he came back after sometime, he again started caressing me all over the body. When we were about to enjoy each other I was shocked when I realised that he was now developing some animal-like hair all over his body.

“Before he fully inserted his organ, I screamed when I realised that he had completely changed into a baboon-like creature on me. I quickly stood from the bed and ran while screaming for assistance. It was like a horror movie to me,” said Sandra with tears down her cheeks.

She further said when she bolted out of the room the man caught up with her outside where she was narrating her ordeal to one of the security guards.

But this time he had reportedly changed into a human being.

She added: “I really regretted ever engaging in this s*x act. Just imagine... from that night I started having continuous menstrual bleeding and this has never happened in my life."