Man Crashes Expensive Car He Rented Trying To Impress A Lady He Just Met

Serious gbese! A drunk man who tried to impress a woman he met at a bar raced after her in a rented Lamborghini - but, unfortunately, he crashed the expensive ride into a tree.

In a bid to win over the lady, he chased her in the Lamborghini and tried to impress by overtaking her on the street before crashing.

Traffic camera footage shows the Lamborghini Gallardo, rented for £648 per day, swerving right and then left on a highway.

The driver then veers into the other lane, losing control, before slamming into a tree.

The 22-year-old driver, whose surnamed is Teng, was found guilty of drink-driving and has been detained for further questioning in Jinhua City, China.

Funny enough, lady was laughing at the man, then she too was arrested for driving without a licence.