Mother Catches Nanny On Camera Assaulting Her Baby

Don't just keep your child in care of someone, unless you are sure the person is actually willing.

A woman, Annemarie Theron, could not sleep, eat or concentrate on anything after she caught her child’s nanny on camera treating the child like a rag doll.

The Namibian nanny is now facing charges of child abuse, assault, and attempted murder after The mum reported her to the authorities with the video evidence.

The mother saw her nine-month-old daughter, Laila, being manhandled by her nanny in the secretly filmed footage.

“It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterwards. It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on. I can see Laila is so, so broken after everything,” Theron told Network24.

Theron said she noticed bruises on Laila’s neck and shoulders and suspected all was not well.

“After that I sat at work, thinking about my daughter the entire day. That’s when I decided to install cameras so that I could see what was happening when I’m not at home.”

She was shocked after watching the footage, and immediately laid a charge at the police station.

“It was quite a process, as I had to confirm with a mediator what it would mean if I made the recordings without her (the nanny’s) knowledge. The police were initially hesitant about the charges, but wanted to arrest the woman immediately after seeing the footage.”

The nanny appeared in court on Monday. The state added the charge of attempted murder.

Laila is currently attending a kindergarten during the day.

The mum added,  It was comforting to see how many people supported us. Thanks to everyone, family, friends, and strangers, it means a great deal.”