Poor State Of A Magistrate Court In Benue State (Photos)

According Bem Jabez, who visited one of the Magistrate courts in Makurdi, the Benue state capital on Monday morning, the place is a bad shape. He shared the photos and wrote:

A visit to the MAGISTRATE COURTS in Benue State will bring you face to face to a house that can best be described as PIG HOUSING. 
The images below are that of the MAGISTRATE court situated at MAKURDI MODERN MARKET court 3 to be precise. 
This morning the whole court was filled with water licking from the ceiling, court attendants had to wait outside for hours as a result of the inhabitable nature of the court at that time. 
The CEILINGS are spoilt with no chairs to seat upon. 
The building floor is no longer befitting of a place housing responsible people that always patronizes this courts. 
At the entrance, one is usually greeted with an awful smell the type that comes from the Toilet.
My appeal to the Benue State government. The judiciary which is the third arm of our government can not be neglected to this length. 
The past administration might have neglected this Sector but the present can do better.
Let this COURTS be renovated and maintenance be ensured.