Story of Married Man selling Cooked Ofada Rice in Lagos... he sells N25,000 daily

On Tuesday we brought you the story of a Billionaire who was once a houseboy hawking Kerosene. Now here's a man who started life hawking cooked Ofada Rice, making over N200k as profit every month. You can't tell where he'll be tomorrow; a big restaurant or another business. That is life!

"I started selling cooked Ofada rice four years ago. I sell majorly by hawking the rice round Yaba axis.
When there was no means to further my education after graduating from Dolphin High School in 2007, I started learning from my mother who used to sell Ofada rice. 
I am married with a kid and I feed myself and my family with the money I make from this business. I make about N25,000 daily from the sales of the Ofada rice and my profit from this amount is about N6000 to N8000. 
My wife has joined me in this business; she sells Ofada in Alaba market. Interestingly, my brother also sells rice. I cook the Ofada rice I sell myself. 
We also cook at parties for people who are interested in having the Ofada rice at their events. 
People laugh at me when they see me hawking the food. But then, I am 29 years old and I need to survive against all odds
I learnt the art of sculpting and molding objects by the side too. I am Adeniyi Hammed, I come from Lagos Island. This is my story!"
Source: Naij

Never be ashamed to start small. Forget pride and do what needs to be done and grow from there.