9 Ways To Improve Your Chance Of Becoming Wealthy

Money is good, but don't allow yourself to fall in the category of rich people who will find it difficult to make heaven. You can make money without God but making it with Him as your source and guide, free from fraud and immorality, is the key to living a real life and eventually making heaven.

1. Commit your life and work to the Lord
To make wealth the right way, do not be anxious for anything. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all the other things will come to you through diligence and His blessings, without sorrow.

2. Wake up early 
Avoid spending a whole lot of the night sleeping. Wake up early to plan for the day. You don't hear of successful men who sleep a lot, if they did sleep so much, they won't be successful.

3. Set goals 
As you have short-term goals you want to achieve in a short time, make sure you also set long-term goals for yourself. Setting goals gives you a target you want to meet and it also keeps you focused.

4. Read 
Many successful men are readers. Instead of buying things that don't have value, buy at least a book on self-development and success. Sharpen your mental skills. It helps in personal development.

5. Spend within your income 
If you can't afford some things, make do with what you have, you won't die if you don't have them. So try to spend within your means.

6. Save to invest 
Learn how to save out of your income. No matter how small your income is, you should try to save a part of it. Don't spend and then save what is left. Save and spend what is left. As you save, invest wisely. Don't save to save. Save to invest.

7. Avoid debts 
Make sure you avoid debts. If you are not taking a loan for a business or a reasonable project, don't take a loan. The thing about debt is that when you clear your debt, you still end up needing more money because you don't have enough anymore, then you need to borrow again. Which means you still end up being in debt. So avoid it like a plague.

8. Spend less time in front of a screen 
Stop wasting a lot of precious time you can invest in front of a screen. If you are not on television to look for vital information, online surfing to get useful information or your work entails you to do so and you are only in front of a television screen, computer or phone screen whiling away time, doing nothing but feeding your eyes with useless information, you need to quit.

9. Have at least two major sources of income 
Keep investing until you have at least two major sources of income, with, perhaps, two other minor sources. Don't rely on income from your salary. Tell me of any wealthy man, and I will show you at least his two major sources of income.