A lady who can't accept her man as head has no business in marriage – Nollywood Actor

Nigerian actor Seun Jimoh has reacted to the issue of gender equality flying in the social media, and he thinks the wife is beneath the husband and should not perceive herself as his equal.

The saga started with Tiwa Savage’s recent interview in which she insisted that the man is the head of the family and she doesn't believe in equality, as that’s not “how God created us.”

Many social media "children" criticised Tiwa Savage for supporting God's model for marriage.

Anyway, actor Seun Jimoh supports her completely. His words:

"Tiwa savage said the man is the head of the home, some people are abusing her. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no business getting married or being in a proper heterosexual relationship. 
The fact that you are a successful woman doesn't mean you shouldn't cook or clean, it is no excuse, I have successful women around me and they cook great, in time and as a duty. 
A respected husband is always a better husband, you can argue and fight all you want about this issue on social media, but the reality is the reality, a woman that cannot respect and acknowledge that her husband is the head has no business getting married and if she does should not be shocked if she eventually has to leave the marriage sooner or later..."
- Seun Jimoh