After 10yrs of Marriage, Nigerian Woman Delivers Quintuplets

It's sure an exciting time for a Nigerian woman and the husband after she gave birth to five babies at the same time, after 10 years of struggling with a situation of childlessness.

A civil servant, Mrs Ekpo Edet and her family living in Calabar are overjoyed after she gave birth to three males and two females.

"Although, she did not bargain for it, but a woman who couldn’t conceive 10 years after marriage was shell-shocked to have fruits of the womb five times in one fell.

Quintuplets in her first and only pregnancy in a decade. 

According to Leadership, despite the daunting challenge of nursing five babies in a harsh economy, the middle-aged mother and administrative officer had since accepted her fate, describing the babies as marvelous and previous gifts from God."

Mrs. Ekpo disclosed that she didn’t pray to have quintuplets, but has a family tree that has a record of a delivery of a twin babies. She said at that conception she was only interested in having just a baby, and not babies, especially having been unable to have one after 10 years of marriage.

However, after the successful delivery of her babies, Ekpo and her husband have been full of praises to God Almighty for blessing them with a set of quintuplets.

The woman reaffirmed that the babies, who are now four months old, were a reward for her waiting upon the God over the years, adding that it pays to be steadfast when trusting God.