“APC Is Drifting, Members Are Not Happy” – Bukola Saraki

As the 2019 political era draws closer, expect some serious moves, realignment and what have you.

In an interview with Daily Trust, senate president Bukola Saraki spoke on some of the issues facing the ruling APC with regards to power and internal politics.

Saraki said: "The party is drifting and not a rallying point for members. There is “no APC member that will tell you he is happy with the state of affairs of the party.”

He said a ruling party should definitely see more activities than is presently happening with the APC.
The issues in the party are not as a result of any crisis but relate to “the administrative aspect and the national to provide leadership in driving the party. The party is running out of time."

He argued that the reasons why there are lots of speculations that his spirit is no longer in the APC is because the party is docile and dormant. “If the party goes back to what we all know it to be, holding NEC, and having caucus meetings, spirit and no spirit things will stop.”

On whether his emergence as senate president contributed to weakening the party, Saraki said: 
“The last meeting the party held with regard to the zoning of the national officers, senate president was zoned to north central. It was after that the party started to do different things, shifting its position. The point I’m making is that that’s over two years. Is that the reason why the party cannot move ahead? My own point is that the executive of party just needs to wake up and start managing the party.”