Avoiding S*xual Immorality Helps In Marriage... "I married as a vir-gin at 33"

Aside some other reasons behind failed marriages, s*x has remained the top reason why marriages fail. This is why you hear a lot of stories about cheating in marriages which causes damage.

Some women will say the man is not good in bed or his manhood is small. Men also give their own as she is not s*xually appealing or stuffs like that.

The truth is that all these fallacies are because of the numerous s*x experiences they have had in the past whereby they imagine how good it was with some other persons compared to what they are getting from their current partner.

If a guy is a vir-gin and meets a lady who is also a vir-gin (which is God's plan for s*x), there is now way either of them will say s*x isn't enjoyable. In a situation like this, they both see s*x as just the way both of them had it and with time they can both explore it widely and enjoy the full benefits of it.

Not when a woman says her husband's manhood is small because she enjoyed the bigger ones she had before marriage or a guy says her womanhood is too wide because he has slept with tighter ladies.

If both are vir-gins, the man will get used to s*x just the way the lady is and the lady on the other hand will get used to his manhood, no matter the size because that is the size that opens her up.

...as shared by Big Papi