Beautiful Lady Goes Crazy In Lagos After NYSC (Photos)

A Nigerian philanthropist, Kokun shared this pathetic story of a lady who became shortly after completing her National Youth Service. He presented her with clothes, food and other personal items.

Below is how he chronicled her story:

"I was told about a young lady who's mentally challenge just after she finished her NYSC and she as been sleeping on the street just at the back of Fela shrine... 
I went to visit her and I started crying, wondering who has done this to this beautiful lady. I feel so sad and devastated... 
I pray that none of you reading this would go mad or any of your relative in Jesus name, Amen... I decided to rush down to Shoprite to buy her news set of cloths, also food and soft drinks, and I will be checking on her from time to time. 
I pray to God to give her healing.. Amen"! 

This is sad. I pray her family members will do the right thing; take her off the streets and seek help.