Bride disgraced at her wedding as rich groom plays infidelity video before family & friends

An unfaithful bride ran away from her wedding venue in shame as her groom played a socking video of her s*xual affair with another man while he was releasing money for the planning their wedding.

The groom decided to teach her a lifetime lesson by playing the footage of her alleged infidelity in front of their wedding guest, including her friends and family members.

Their family and guest were stunned when they saw the bride 'intimately’ with another man.

According to Mirror, the video began with the bride and groom’s relationship but suddenly, there was a clip of the bride with a man going into a hotel room and afterwards had inter-course in the room.

The groom, a wealthy businessman, hired private detective to trail his wife-to-be few weeks before their wedding. Perhaps, he had suspected that she was going to be an adulterous wife.

After the video was played, the humiliated bride is said to have run out of the wedding hall.

The story became viral after the secret detective hired by the groom, Miss Zhuo granted an interview with a Singaporean media on the issue.

She said she expected the groom to call off the wedding but she was amazed when she received an IV to their wedding. She said she spent six weeks monitoring the fiancĂ©e before reporting back to him.

She said it was only when she saw the tape of the woman appear at the wedding that she understood the groom’s motivation - to show family and friends the "wife" he would have mistakenly married.